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5 Eyelash Extension Myths BUSTED

There are a lot of myths out there about eyelash extensions—from it being a painful process to the notion that your natural lashes will all fall out and cease to ever grow back again. Let us help put your mind at ease with our top 5 myths, BUSTED!

MYTH 1: Eyelash Extensions cause your natural lashes to stop growing or to fall out

Actually what most people don’t realize, is that your eyelashes fall out anyways. Natural lashes shed in a cycle every 4-6 weeks and all are at different points within their cycle. But because natural eyelashes are so small and fine, most people don’t notice the natural shedding process taking place. By contrast, when you have a long, thick, dark eyelash extension attached to your natural lash, you are more likely to notice when it sheds.

MYTH 2: Your natural lashes will be shorter once you remove extensions

When extensions are applied properly, your natural lashes are actually given the chance to grow without interruption. Without having lash extensions, most women apply and remove mascara daily. The constant rubbing and pulling around your eyes to remove the mascara can cause damage to your lashes as well as the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. Therefore, when your extensions are applied to 1 individual lash, there will be no damage and your lashes should grow better than they would if you were wearing mascara daily.

MYTH 3: You need to take breaks

Many people believe that you have to take breaks from getting extensions in order to let your natural lashes “breathe.” This belief is simply a myth! Your eyelashes continue to shed like normal, and a new natural lash will grow back whether you have extensions on or not. It is completely up to you whether you wish to take a break.

MYTH 4: Eyelash Extensions take a long time to be applied

While they can take longer to be applied if you see an inexperienced or untrained tech, this is not ususally the case. Experienced professionals who fully specialize in eyelash extensions can apply a full set in 2 hours or less. Fills should take approximately 1 hour.

MYTH 5: Eyelash Extensions hurt

Nothing about the process hurts and it’s not a matter of tolerance levels either! There simply is no pain involved in the eyelash extension process. Your appointment will be so relaxing, you can actually nap. Take it from us! At least half of our clients consider their lash appointment to be "nap time". Pain is not part of the deal.

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