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Why a "Cat-Eye" Shape May Not Always Be Best

Almost everyone wants the coveted cat-eye look when they come in for a new set of lash extensions, but this may not always be best! Here's why:

Your natural lashes already grow a certain way. Usually the longest are found in the middle, which leaves the inner and outer corners shorter. With a cat eye shape, the extensions are applied shorter on the inner corner and get longer toward the outer corner. Therefore, if we apply a longer extension to shorter outer natural lashes, it can cause damage.

So as much as we all love the cat-eye shape, it is always better to let your lash tech decide which shape is best for your eyes. Don't forget that we offer free consultations with no obligation. We love creating custom lash looks perfectly suited to your gorgeous peepers!

Just head over to the "book online" tab to get yourself in!

Happy Lashing My Lovelies! <3

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