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Serums. Why you need one!

Lash Serums increase the length, strength and thickness of your natural lashes. This is especially important when wearing eyelash extensions. No matter how well your extensions are applied, over time the excess weight may cause a tiny amount of damage. The best way to prevent this is to use an oil-free lash serum.

Your lashes have a natural growth cycle, just like the hairs on your head. A lash serum extends the growth phase of the cycle, resulting in lashes that shed less frequently. In some cases this means more time in between fills.

Check out our in-studio product, VidaLash. It's forumlated specifically for eyelash extension wearers, meaning it's a water-based formula and jam packed full of vitamins and nutrients to provide some MEGA BOOST to your natural lashes. You can purchase it by clicking here.

Happy Lashing!

xo A.L.L.S

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