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Our Best Tips for Lash Care!

Most people are aware of the general guidelines of lash care, they include:

- using oil free products only

- no mascara of any kind

- coming in for regular maintenance fills

BUT we are writing this post today to give you our secrets to long lasting extensions and here they are!

1. Comb your lashes every single day. When your lashes shed they can get tangled with other extensions (even if they were applied properly!). Brushing them everyday helps remove any lashes that have shed, leaving clean, tangle free lashes.

2. Get your lashes wet everyday! This one's tricky because youve always been told not to get your lashes wet for the first 24hrs, but after that you're good to go! Healthy lashes are clean lashes. A build up of makeup, skin and oil can deposit in and around your lashes which can lead to premature fall out, blepharitis (inflammation of they eyelid) and even lash mites! Use an OIL-FREE FOAMING CLEANSER every day. The foam gets inbetween your lashes without any scrubbing and will leave those gorgeous peepers nice and tidy. *Stay tuned as we'll soon be offering take home sizes of our special foaming cleanser. In the meantime, baby shampoo is a perfect alternative!*

3. Don't let makeup fall into your lashes! Eyeshadow and foundation are notorious for leaving their mark on your beautiful lash extensions. Use a tissue to cover your lashes while applying eye makeup or even wet a clean mascara spoolie and comb through lashes to clean.

There you are! Our 3 secrets for long lasting extensions. Do you have a secret tip? Let us know!

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